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Hi! I’m Jacqui


London-based but originally from New York, I come from a vibrant blend of Afghan, Moroccan and Polish heritage.   My multicultural background has inspired my deep rooted appreciation for working across cultures, and helps me to step into the dynamics of difference to surface where it can fuel or inhibit real growth. 


What forced my immigrant parents and grandparents to leave everything and start anew instilled a determined spirit in me.   As a child, I used sociodramatic play to solve problems.   As an adult, I continue to apply genuine curiosity and creativity in my work with clients - a proven driver of innovative problem-solving amongst high performing teams.


Throughout my work I apply these skills and beliefs around authenticity, tenacity and self-awareness to help individuals, teams and organisations to take the relational risks with others and themselves to create the real value they seek.


I bring with me over 16 years of coaching, consulting and socratic advisory in Financial & Professional Services, underpinned by a number of accreditations:


  • Executive Coach (Trained through Tavistock Consulting) - Senior Practitioner - (EMCC) European Mentoring & Coaching Council

  • Analytic-Network Coach - International Coach Federation (ICF) 

  • Systemic Team Coach (AoEC) 

  • BA Psychology & Pre-Med - Emory University

  • MSc Organisational and Social Psychology (cum laude) London school of Economics

  • Post-graduate diploma in Psychological Studies - Counselling Psychology and Psychotherapy - Middlesex University

  • Dynamics of Consulting (CFAR)


I have lived, worked and trained across the US, UK, Europe, Southern Africa and Australia.


When I’m not working, I chase the sunshine, geek out on podcasts, enjoy HIIT and yoga and playing with my two young children.

Principles underpinning my work 

Be Systemic

Organisations are complex adaptive systems shaped by both social and technical forces; Leaning too heavily on one risks solving for the wrong problems. We work at both levels to enable robust problem-solving.

Be Creative

To really understand complex team dynamics, individual behavioral challenges, and to generate impactful solutions to messy challenges, we need to start from strong foundations. 
I work with you to create a working laboratory to make sense of why, what and how things shift.  Such a creative multifaceted approach leaves an impact long after we are finished. 


Be Centred

Adapting to rapidly changing conditions requires people in organisations to continuously learn from experience and to cohere in multidisciplinary diverse teams;  Self-awareness and being centred is absolutely critical to creating the openness and curiosity needed to learn and pivot quickly.  Our work together equips you to be centred and focussed on the right issues at the right time.

Be Real

Organisations exist in increasingly volatile, non-linear and unpredictable environments. Clarity of purpose and objectives are hygiene and real feedback is fuel for high performance. Being real is who I am and how I work.  In our work together I equip you with the know-how to get (and stay) real -  in actions and in creating the context that sustains your efforts.

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