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Business coaching is coaching for strategy, culture and influencing change.  


Due to the complexity of modern challenges, we need a diverse eco-system of leadership to develop innovative, flexible solutions. We can no longer look to a messiah leader to guide the way as it isn't practical. Instead, organisations need people who are aligned - on purpose, goals, values and desired behaviours - so they can mobilise themselves according to the exponentially-changing context.


How do you lead without creating dependency?  What does it take to get team members to take more ownership? How do you create a culture where people learn fast, pivot and adapt flexibly? What would it look like if people were connected to organisational purpose?  This is what the reflective space of business coaching is for.

If you subscribe to this belief, want to catalyse growth and are prepared to do the work involved, then get in touch!

  • Founders of start-ups/ scale-ups

  • Boards & senior leadership teams   

  • Leaders looking for a thinking partner to de-clutter the noise and get clarity 

Who I can help

Typical clients are: 


You are an expert in what you do.  

As your coach, I walk alongside you and your team to help you find and follow the path that gets you what you want with renewed conviction and spirit.  

Image by Kushagra Kevat

I then equip you with the skills, frameworks and tools you need to carry on the path long after I’m gone.

"Maybe you are searching among the branches for what only appears in the roots."
- Rumi

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