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Leadership Coaching

Depending on the stage you are at, we will find a form of coaching that works best for you.

Transition Coaching

New role? Been promoted internally? About to go on or return from extended leave?
Just navigating the rocky corporate terr
ain of change? Transition Coaching is a game changer for navigating transitions effectively.  

3-6 month engagement

Depth Coaching

Depth coaching gives you the space and time to delve into that niggling bit of feedback that keeps following you around, knowing who you are and how it has served you and how to use it to your advantage.  

12 month engagement

Bootcamp Coaching

It's targeted, it's intense and it's effective.

Usually 3 x 3 hour sessions with focussed calls before, between and after the sessions to reinforce what is being learnt.  

Leadership Development Retreats

We don’t do off-the-shelf classroom training with endless slides. We use creative and practical tools to shift behaviours to see the change you seek.

Workshops are fully experiential and tailor-made to meet your objectives and context.


“When we are no longer able to change a situation -
we are challenged to change ourselves.”
- Victor Frankl“

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