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Image by Cristina Gottardi

Culture Coaching

If you are still wondering, why bother with culture when we have work to do, remember this old adage from management guru Peter Drucker: 

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”  

Culture Assessment & Adaptation

Our work together is designed in service of your goals. 


Rather than watching over people, processes and systems 24/7, there has to be trust that people are aligned to the same beliefs on priorities and how things are done.

"Organizations that fail to do the deep work required to rethink the transmission of company culture may well have unpredictable results” (HBR, 2021) 


The bottom line is culture.  A strong culture means strategic health and a strong organisation.

After a rigourous culture review process or “discovery phase,” we will put together a comprehensive programme of interventions that will sustainably shift your culture to meet your strategic objectives and a transition plan that will seamlessly move you from where you are now to where you need to be - without disruption to the business.

“Create a culture where it is okay to make mistakes 

 and unacceptable not to learn from them” - Ray Dalio

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