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Team Coaching

Private Equity Organisation

The Presenting Issue:

In a critical area of the business, looking to change the culture of the organisation to become more ESG minded, the leaders came to me for help to repair the “dysfunctional dynamics” of the team.

What we did:

After an initial discovery phase, I identified the core issues at play and presented these to the team for validation and commitment to a team coaching journey over a 9 month period. Meeting monthly for several hours at a time, both virtually and in person, with application work between, we managed to surface the underlying causes of the difficult dynamics, learnt new patterns and skills for addressing these and enrolled individual ownership to change the pattern as and when it arose.


The result was transformational. With renewed commitment and optimism to the shared goals of their “home” team and a space to congregate, learn and problem-solve together, there was an openness to learn and develop together that had never been present before. They now had the tools to recognise and avoid un-helpful habits that invariably arise when stress is high.

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